Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pink Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes - Styles, Sizing, Shopping Tips

Pink Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes have quite a look - they are a sort of "cotton candy" shade of pink and are a fun way to combine fun with casual fashion. If you're shopping for this color of "Chucks", here is some information on styles available, sizing and some helpful shopping tips:

Styles - You can easily expect to find Pink Chuck Taylors available in the standard "Core" styles of hi and lo tops (also called "Ox"). However, they are also available in a newer and fun slip-on style that has a fun look of eyelets but no laces needed. If you happen to be shopping for an infant, there are also some precious crib shoes that can be found in pink.

Sizing Info - The hi and lo styles can be found in all sizes, including men's, women's, youth and infant/toddler. And - of course the crib shoes are available in an infant size. Kids sizes in Chuck Taylors are known to be true to size, where buying the right size for adults can be a bit more of a trick - for men, Chucks run ½ size large, making it a good idea to purchase a half size down from normal. Women's sizes (if they're stated as women's sizes where purchased) run true to size, but if you're choosing from a list of men's sizes, purchase two sizes down from your normal.

Shopping Tips - Full retail price for adults sizes of Pink Chuck Taylor shoes is around $45 to $50, for children you can expect to pay retail price of around $35 to $40. In terms of getting the best price - shopping online is definitely the way to go. If you apply the sizing information above, you should easily be able to purchase them on the web without a problem - and you will also likely find that the cost is quite a bit less (generally speaking) from online resources than you will find offline.

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