Monday, September 28, 2009

Elegant Diamond Engagement Ring

Wearing love on the sleeve is the latest trend. If you love somebody, proclaim it to him or her. What is the better way to express your love than to gift a diamond ring, or if you are more committed, a diamond engagement ring?

Diamond jewelry has adorned the prime space in the hearts of women of all times. New age technologies in diamond processing and cutting have helped us to create better and more intricate diamonds in the recent times. Just step into a diamond showroom, you may get dazzled by the sizes, shapes and colors of these out-and-out beauties.

Diamonds embedded in ordinary rings and engagement rings comes in many bedazzling textures. These include the round, emerald, marquise, oval, asscher, cushion, pear, princess and radiant. Some showrooms let you select the ring and diamonds separately and then join them together as per your choice.

Another trend seen is to affix a number of smaller sized stones to increase the appeal and excitement radiated by a diamond jewelry piece.

The price of the diamond is determined by four 'C', which is a jargon which expands as Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. Carat is the determiner of the weight of the diamond, and color, cut and clarity determines the overall attractiveness.

Costs of diamond jewelry vary vastly depending to the number of stones implanted and the work that went into the manufacturing. But be sure what you are buying and try to gain a little bit of knowledge about these precious stones before you set out to buy one, in order to avoid discomfort for yourself as well as the seller.

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