Friday, April 24, 2009

Be proper for the public's fashion, the development mode the Muslim fashion also was classified as fast. Entered in 2008, the model of the Muslim fashion was increasingly varying. However generally, the material kind that was cool and comfortable like cotton and chiffon still often will be used. The fashion plan also often dominated the style of the fashion from overseas like India, Korea, and Roman. According to Hj Sari Prayogo, the manager Ar-Banni Moslem Collection in Street Pamularsih Raya 140 Semarang, the material like chiffon and cotton many disuka because simple and comfortable was used for all the atmospheres. “Bahan socks still often were having an interest taken in them, but all depended on their respective appetite pemakai,” he said.
Now for his design still often adopted the Indian fashion as using the wrinkles model, the pile model was proper for the Roman fashion, et cetera. Tren the Muslim fashion according to the Main Point always changed by the Ramadhan month and Idul Fitri. “Saat so always emerged models baru,” he continued. For his colour, this year the person tended to like the colour pastel, and toska like blue, red marun, green calm, brown, et cetera. Because of his model that was simple, the application that ditempel also not too many. The application of the small embroidery of the model of flowers in the style of Spain still was used.
Now the veil model also not always conventional like spandek. There was also the aspect model 4, the pile model, and flowers as the variation for the party agenda. “Kerudung the model spandek also still was used to everyday. However the party fashion, his form more variatif,” these pretty female words. Whereas for his man's fashion, although not varying was proper for the fashion for the woman, but continued to use the application like the embroidery that minimalis. According to the main point, the model of the fashion of the man's Muslim still many that would mem-preview dai-dai famous like Ustadz Jefry Al Buchori and Ustadz Ahmad. “Baju that was worn by Uje still will become trendsetter. Because he was known as the missionary that fashionable,” he continued.
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